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On this page, you will find the letters, correspondence, and publications found within the Apperson Archives. Use the search box below to browse through the articles included in the Letters & Publications category, or scroll down the page to see the most recent additions to Letters & Publications.

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October 7, 1933 – Ted Dreier to his mother

October 7, 1933 – Ted Dreier (Black Mountain College) Dearest mother: Well our college year is two weeks old and some things look very good and others rather bad, but on the whole I feel we that we have a splendid chance to do something worthwhile. We have a splendid group of students to start… Read more »

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1935 – Publication – Tragic Truth About Erosion

1935 – Publication – Tragic Truth About Erosion (excerpts) Sheet Washing Tragic Truth About Erosion, 1935, by Hugh Bennett (U.S. Soil Conservation Service) and published by the New York Forest Preserve Association Perhaps we can afford the loss of some of our land. At any rate, we have not unduly concerned ourselves about it. If,… Read more »

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January 1936 – Publication – Man Made Erosion in the Adirondacks

January 1936 – Man-Made Erosion in the Adirondacks – Editorial comment in Forest Leaf, official organ of the Pennsylvania Forestry Association, January, 1936. “Following the business meeting, a very interesting and instructive talk was given by Mr. J. S. Apperson, president of the Forest Preserve Association of New York State. The title of the talk… Read more »

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November 16, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone

November 16, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone (Troy) – My dear Mr. Malone: Vincent Schaefer was just in speaking about the meeting of the Winter Sports Club, scheduled for 7:30 PM, Nott Terrace High School, Wednesday, November 18th. It is important, of course, that you be present and it is my hope that… Read more »

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February 29 1936 – Utilization Through Preservation

  February 28, 1936 – Utilization Through Preservation – A Talk Given With Motion Pictures to a Joint Meeting of the Burroughs Audubon Nature Club and the Genesee Fish and Game Association, I Rochester, N.W. By J. S. Apperson We are often told that “conservation means utilization” and that it must serve a multiple purpose,… Read more »

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November 16, 1936 – Alvin Whitney to JSA

  November 16, 1936 – Alvin Whitney (University of the State of New York Albany) to JSA Dear Mr. Apperson: I think your letter in reply to Vogt was excellent. The Audubon Association is a power, and they will stay solidly behind Article 7, Section 7. (Besides, me and Commissioner Osborne are members!) I gave… Read more »

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October 6, 1936 – JSA to J. W. Van de Water

October 6, 1936 – JSA to Mr. J. W. Van de Water (Hastings on Hudson, NY) Dear Jack: Enclosed you will find copy of my letter to Commissioner Osborne acknowledging his letter about a hearing on the proposed work along the Marcy-Van Hoevenburg trail, a copy of which you have. Also copy of a statement… Read more »

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