1911 – September 25 – JSA to Mr. Warren Madison Curley, Pearl Point

Dear Curley:
It is well that you did not accept my invitation to visit my camp Saturday night since the entire outfit had been stolen and I fear I would have had trouble in making you comfortable. I am disappointed that you did not accept some of my other invitations and regret not seeing you as intended Sunday evening. We found it impossible to catch the boat, and, therefore, had to paddle down the lake being assisted part of the way by a motor boat.

Since I will not be up again I will have to ask that you advise the amount I owe you for the privilege of keeping my canoe at your place.

Have spoken to several foremen about employment but so far have not located anything I think you would like. If you are in this section any time, by all means drop in and see me.

Very truly yours,
P & M Engineering Department