Lecture Series

Here we post slide shows and videos of each of our talks. That way, the content can be shared with everyone!

Dream of a Lake George Park

Lake George has been a popular tourist attraction for more than 200 years. What sort of conflicts have been fought to keep it natural? This talk attempts to describe some of these conflicts, which occurred in the first half of the Twentieth Century, and have help ensure the preservation of Lake George’s natural beauty throughout the coming years.

Preserving Lake George – People and Places

October 10, 2023: In her continuing series of lectures and webinars, Ellen Brown gives a talk to the Union College Academy for Lifelong Learning (UCALL), speaking about her favorite subject – the amazing activities and leadership of her great uncle, John S. Apperson, Jr., as he became a leading activist in the Preservation Movement in New York State.

This was part of a series of lectures generally concerning the Adirondacks, and Ms. Brown was particularly excited for the chance to talk about many different aspects of Apperson’s life, including his recreational activities (skate-sailing, skiing, and winter-camping), his recruitment of friends to help repair the shores of islands and to collect photographs of “problems in Paradise,” and of the interesting relationships he formed with powerful and influential leaders of his day. Her talk is full of humor and insights into the strategies “Appy” developed to build a large and very effective army of men and women recruits, people who enjoyed his hospitality, particularly at Lake George, and who helped carry on the important political movement into future generations.