1908 – June 20 – Dr. John S. Apperson, M. D. (Marion, Virginia) to Mr. C. F. Wilson (Lamar. Mo.) 

Dear Sir:
Some months ago I had a letter from you relative to the stock of Mrs. Sutherland in the Lamar Mining Co. It was my purpose to have sent you a letter before this, but I have been absent from home part of the time and then the letter was mislaid, or rather, laid aside where it was not often handled. Another reason I might give and this and the main one, I had nothing to communicate. No one seems willing to gamble on the copper proposition in N.C. The section is remote from railroad transportation and railroad building in this mountain country is exceedingly expensive. There is now a road at work to a lumber camp probably within twenty-five or thirty miles of the property. It goes out from this place and may some time in the future be extended but you know how this is. …Nothing certain about it.

While none of us can know with any degree of certainty about even the value of this property, some of us believe when it is made accessible it will repay for waiting.

I wish Mrs. Sutherland would price her stock if she is still wanting to dispose of it. As at present advanced, or with the outlook as I see it now I would not be willing to risk over one hundred dollars for the stock in her name. Don’t understand me to advising her to sell for this sum, but I am simply giving my view of the situation.

Excuse me please for not writing sooner.

John S. Apperson, M. D.