December 29, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone

  • December 29, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone (Troy) –

Dear Malone:

I have just returned from the south and hasten to express my belief that your proposed letter of December 21st to prospective members of the Trails Conference, is very good.

The only suggestion I might make, which is not very important, is penciled on your proposed letter. This change might appeal to organizations not as concerned in preservation as we are, yet favorable to our point of view.

I do not have your letter to me concerning the Adirondack Mountain Club, but find that the group in New York and Washington – old timers very much in sympathy with the belief that some immediate action must be taken to put this organization definitely and without reservation in favor of article VII, Section 7, or specifically against this law. They all agree that we cannot face the constitutional convention fight with this organization appearing to be favorable to modifications.

Robert Marshall, heading a group in Washington, is I understand, drawing up a statement to be signed by members feeling as we do, and since those opposed divert attention by referring to me personally, it is thought best to have someone in this section other than myself secure signatures and I sincerely hope you will find time to do this. I have suggested that the statement be sent to you direct, but should I receive it I will mail it to you immediately. In the meantime, if you can obtain an up to date list of members in the capitol district, it would seem very desirable.

I am trying to get off for the rest of my vacation tomorrow, not returning until after New Years, but should you find it possible to reach Lake George for some winter sports I would be glad to have you drop in. With best wishes for the Season, I remain.

Sincerely yours,

J S Apperson