August 27, 1937 – Commissioner Osborne to Frederick W. Kelsey

  • August 27, 1937 – Commissioner Osborne to Frederick W. Kelsey (Adirondack Mountain Club)

Dear Mr. Kelsey:

My attention has just been called to the statement in the Adirondack Lodge Ski Bulletin relative to the Wallface-Colden loop, which reads as follows:

“This trip can be made without blankets, using the Colden ranger cabin (10.70 miles) as an overnight stop. Be sure to make sure at the Lodge that the cabin is available however.”

I regret that this statement appeared in the bulletin, and I hope you will see that there is no future distribution of the bulletin containing this statement. If you have additional copies to distribute, you can undoubtedly arrange to have the material in question blocked out, or if a new edition is prepared, the correction can be made.

My reason for asking you to do this is that we are not prepared to throw open the Lake Colden ranger cabin for the use of skiers as your statement would indicate. I have stated that I naturally would not object to the use of the shelter by skiers or hikers when accidentally caught at Lake Colden and needing shelter for the night, for such use might be required to save human life. On the other hand, I have no intention of making the Colden ranger cabin a public shelter for regular use as is indicated by the statement in your bulletin.

Inasmuch as I understand the bulletin in question was prepared by Mr. H. L. Burton, I am taking the liberty of sending him a copy of this letter to him for his information.

Very truly yours,

Lithgow Osborne