October 22, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone

October 22, 1936 – JSA to Mr. Thomas F. Malone ( 69 Sixth Ave. Troy, NY) –

My dear Mr. Malone:

Your recent letter was re-mailed to Van de Water, with request to him to forward you the addresses. The next day I received a letter from him stating that he had sent out several communications to some 30 people and organizations, but a few were returned since the addresses only included the city and not the street number.

I was under the impression that your communication, including the details of membership, had been mailed, and I agree with you that it is important that this be done. Also, some personal work, which is probably most effective in rounding up the various organizations which should not be members. Torrey, whom we thought would be very active in New York, has apparently been delayed or stopped by some other claims on his time, and if you know of anyone else who could go around personally and confer with these various organizations, I would suggest that you advise Van de Water so that either he or you will take action accordingly.

You probably heard that “Grandmother” Hicks is sending out invitations for another trails conference to be held the early part of December. Since he is such a pronounced drawback to the whole effort, I have suggested to our group here that we give him absent treatment and get our crowd in shape as soon as possible to hold a meeting. This will depend largely on the membership still to be assembled.           I am enclosing with this letter a number of copies of some thoughts I have expresses on the proposed constitutional convention. We here consider it very important that people vote “NO” and if you agree and care to post some of these, or hand them to your friends, it would not doubt be   very helpful. I am also enclosing a list of names and addresses, which I have hurriedly located, which will be sent to Van de Water today.

Sincerely yours,