November 13, 1936 – JSA to James A. Foote (Natl. Parks Assn.)


  • November 13, 1936 – JSA to James A. Foote (Natl. Parks Assn.) –

My dear Mr. Foote:

The spirit of cooperation expressed in your letter of the 10th is very encouraging to us, and while I do not have time at the moment to answer your questions, I will write you in more detail later.

Indeed, we need people like yourself who know the woods and have a personal interest in keeping them in their natural state, and since you are also acquainted with those who have not stood up straight for Art. VII, Section 7, you can do valuable work.

I am sorry to learn that your attendance at the proposed meeting on the 12th is uncertain, but I am delighted to hear that some representative of the Wilderness Society will attend should we have the meeting. At present there is some doubt that a meeting of the Trails Conference as a whole will be held. It may be only a meeting of the committee of ski trails, which is now the outstanding and difficult problem before us. In any event, we will look forward to having you if possible, or someone from the Wilderness Society join us when the date is definitely scheduled, which we hope to be able to set next week.

Sincerely yours,