1944 – April 15 – Paul Schaefer to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Just a word of appreciation for your inspiring enthusiasm and artistry in your conservation work, as evidenced again Friday night at the meeting of the Adirondack Mountain Club. You are better that you were fifteen years ago when I first met you, and that is saying a lot.

The job you have accomplished for the Adirondack is as basic as Verplank Colvin’s and much more intricate and difficult than his was.

Your wonderful example has implanted in us an Ideal, as well as a clear picture of the job which must be accomplished on through the years. Each of us will ultimately find his special work which we will push forward to the best of his individual ability.

May I suggest that it would seems a most opportune time to answer in pamphlet form the argument for cutting timber in the forest preserve as outlined by the “New York Forester” and the Department of Commerce? I have in mind a Forest Preserve Association work. If you think it is advisable, I could work out such an idea with the possible co-operation of someone like Phil Ham. This would leave you free to pursue your Lake George and other work until we had it ready for criticism. You could outline the points to hit in a half hour.

I have a great deal of material here to work with, including George D. Pratt’s message to the Governor in 1919 in which he outlined most of the points we must again take issue with.

Sincerely yours;
Paul Schaefer