October 6, 1936 – JSA to J. W. Van de Water

  • October 6, 1936 – JSA to Mr. J. W. Van de Water (Hastings on Hudson, NY)

Dear Jack:

Enclosed you will find copy of my letter to Commissioner Osborne acknowledging his letter about a hearing on the proposed work along the Marcy-Van Hoevenburg trail, a copy of which you have. Also copy of a statement signed by Mr. Ham, Mr. Schaefer and myself, and copy of an article which appeared in the Knickerbocker Press, concerning the hearing. Incidentally, I understand they were not shown a copy of our statement or telegram from the Long Trail, in opposition.     The Schenectady County Conservation Council, with a number of affiliated organizations, were quite exercised and last night adopted a resolution unanimously against promoting the kind of skiing that should be expected in open fields or open slopes. In other words, they are definitely against the Lake Placid group featuring races on the Marcy Trail, and further development of the Marcy dam section. They are also recommending that at least 500 ft. of the Marcy Trail below the dam be reforested or bought back to its wild state. This was also the recommendation, you may recall, of both the minority ad majority Governor’s Truck Trail Committee, and was actually agreed to by Mr. Howard.

Somehow I have the impression that you are headed this way for the weekend. Let me know what your plans are. Suggest that Ruth send out one each of the enclosed to the ten directors of the Trails organization and such other organizations as may seem active on this subject. There are, I believe, twenty-five copies of this purpose.

Sincerely yours,