November 16, 1936 – Alvin Whitney to JSA


  • November 16, 1936 – Alvin Whitney (University of the State of New York Albany) to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I think your letter in reply to Vogt was excellent. The Audubon Association is a power, and they will stay solidly behind Article 7, Section 7. (Besides, me and Commissioner Osborne are members!) I gave Wenger several copies of the leaflet: “Forests Upstream and Downstream,” and I hope you will hear from him or MacRae about it.

Every one of us who want to follow closely what the Conservation Department is issuing in the way of publicity, should be on the mailing list for all their News Releases. No doubt you are, but I enclose this latest release on a chance, — it is so important. Has the Commissioner altered his point of view, or what; and why? He has taken a strong stand for “fundamentals” such as our group stands for this long while. Should he not have our individual and collective commendation; a reminder that perhaps there is more sentiment in favor of these fundamentals than he indicates; and say we are back of him wholeheartedly so long as he keeps to this line? –He won’t stick; they never do. But a few pronouncements like this address at Rochester before the “Genesee Conservation League: (which maybe put the pressure on?) will perhaps commit him irretrievably to some of the progressive measures the Forest Preserve Association and a few other persistent groups have advocated.

You’ve probably seen the news announcements of the 25th anniversary celebration of the founding of the College of Forestry at Syracuse, this week-end. Hugh Baker will be there, and all of the famous forestry chiefs (but not me: I didn’t get an invitation), and they will distribute degrees among the “profession” as we like to call our specialty. They may give a degree or two to some mighty lumberman or pulp man. It would be irresistible.

William Vogt speaks before the forestry student body and faculty this coming Wednesday, and before the University Sigma Xi that evening. I suggested that he give them one barrel on real forest protection – against fire, soil erosion, etc., and he says he sure will do so. I told him it would not be popular with the faculty, and why. So he is all set, and I wish I could be there.

This evening’s paper also announces a meeting of the New York State Conservation Council at Syracuse, a 5-day affair beginning Dec. 3. As the Ski Conference comes Dec. 4, I suppose some of our group who were intending to come to Albany, may go to Syracuse instead.

My feeling is that we ought to have some trained stenographers in our membership, so that all such meetings would be completely covered, — instead of relying on memory or the news releases. –I wonder if any of our supporters are still planning to take part in the Ski Conference, or merely listen in?

Sincerely yours,

Alvin G. Whitney