October 29, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone


  • October 29, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone (69 Sixth Ave. Troy, NY) –

My dear Mr. Malone:

The statement sent with your letter of the 28th is excellent and should develop some results. The Hicks group, as you know, are meeting December 5. It seems quite desirable that we recognize them as belonging to the commercial and professional group and also that we do this in a spirit of fairness and, as far as possible, cooperation. I have suggested to Van de Water that he get in touch with his New York crowd and find out if it is convenient for them to attend a meeting primarily to discuss skiing problems the following week, on December 12th, at the Hotel Ten Eyck, and I have suggested a letter similar to the attached be circularized if he finds the New York group are free and desire to have a meeting on that date. It is not likely that they will come up for both meetings.

You asked me about Mr. W.W. Cady. My impression is that he is very sincere and has done some excellent work on the Long Trail, but if I remember correctly, he is in some kind of a jam with some of the New York group and I do not know the merits of the controversy.

Torrey may revive his interest and activity, but it is quite necessary that we have, as you have previously stated, more active interest in that quarter.

I would be glad to talk things over with you at any time, if we can arrange a meeting, and suggest you advise a date. Why not consider joining me Friday night or Saturday morning for a trip up to Lake George? This will give you an opportunity to talk over with me this subject and touch on other problems of interest.

I hope you are successful in getting people to vote against the constitutional convention. Our group has been very active on this and the indications are that we stand a reasonable chance to defeat it, but I have the impression that we all need the votes we can get to accomplish this important purpose.

Sincerely yours,