1911 – December 19 – JSA to Ezra H. Fitch (Abercrombie & Fitch Co., New York)

Dear Sir:
You agreed at my request over the long distance ‘phone, to delay for the present any further action about the refusal of the D & H Railroad to check camping equipment.

I have just had a conference with Mr. W. J. Mullin, General Traffic Manager of the D. & H. Co. and Major Gifford, our traffic manager, and others, and after making clear our transportation difficulties, its was practically agreed that all articles, including skiis, excepting canoes, could be checked with certain reasonable restrictions which can be made to protect the Railroad Company. This will make possible, camping trips we are unable to take at present on account of the inconvenience and delay in getting articles through via express company.

Mr. Mullin requests me to write him in detail, just what we want to carry and what shape we think it should be in, to avoid breakage and trouble to their road.

It was suggested that this might be for certain months of the year but since we camp all times of the year, no particular time will be specified. We are very enthusiastic over the prospects of being able to get our skiis through, and I wish to thank you for the interest shown.

In case you have not already taken the matter up with the New York Central, it might be well for me to confer with them on the same basis that I have made with the Delaware & Hudson Company and would like to have you advise me in this connection at your earliest opportunity.

Very truly yours,
Power and Mining Engineering Department