Perhaps the best way to tell the John Apperson story is to introduce you to some of the diverse group of people who became his close friends and allies. Here are some biographical sketches of individuals with whom he corresponded, including fellow engineers at GE, wealthy landowners and philanthropists, politicians, members of hiking clubs and conservation groups, progressive women, clergymen, state officials, and a long list of his siblings, nieces and nephews. After reading each person's bio, you'll see a list of items from the files, and be directed to transcriptions of each letter.

Dr. John Apperson

Dr. John Apperson (1837-1908) husband to wife, Ellen Victoria Hull Apperson and father to John S. Apperson, and six other children, including Hull Apperson and Mary Apperson. A self made man, Dr…. Read more »

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Fred Saunders

April 2, 1930 –Fred Saunders to JSA re: “How did you come out in the fight for Lake George lands?”  April 2, 1930 – JSA to Fred Saunders re: sending… Read more »

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James S. Cawley

Jim Cawley was a journalist and author working on a story about canoeing and other water sports when he noticed reports of John Apperson’s activities at Lake George, and especially… Read more »

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Adelbert Moot

July 7, 1920 – Adelbert Moot to JSA re: giving advice on what to say in a letter to the superintendent of Forests; “remedy of publicity” October 6, 1920 –… Read more »

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