Adelbert Moot

  • July 7, 1920 – Adelbert Moot to JSA re: giving advice on what to say in a letter to the superintendent of Forests; “remedy of publicity”
  • October 6, 1920 – Moot to JSA re: giving political advice re: Santa Clara Lumber Co.
  • April 16, 1921 – Moot to JSA re: telegram urging Governor Smith NOT to appoint Staley as Commissioner
  • April 18, 1921 – Moot to JSA re:  no subject of investigation should be considered
  • 1924 – Moot’s name is listed on the Committee of State Park Plan
  • March 16, 1926 – JSA to Moot re: Tongue Mountain properties
  • March 1927 – Adelbert Moot to Governor Whitman (this is mentioned in  a memorandum about Lake George written in June, 1945)
  • February 28, 1929 – List of names and addresses (Including Judge Moot) 
  • March 13, 1929 – JSA to Hilda Loines – recommends Richmond Moot (son of Adelbert Moot) to be new Commissioner of the Conservation Department
  • October 29, 1931 – JSA to Belle Moskowitz re; mentions Mrs. Adelbert Moot

David Barker Rushmore – 

  • May 23, 1921 – David B. Rushmore (GE – Head of Power and Mining Department) to L. F. Gebhardt (American Society for Mechanical Engineers, NYC) re: about qualifications of JSA for membership; “Previous to his coming with this company he had an unusual experience in charge of a large construction force on railroad work in Virginia, where he handled gangs of four or five hundred men and had shown himself unusually competent in this regard. I can vouch personally for Mr. Apperson being a man of unusual ability and intelligence and fully qualified, in my judgment, to be a member of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers.”
  • June 25, 1929 – David Rushmore to JSA re: “reserve me a quiet room and bath about the middle of September.” 
  • December 7, 1936 – David Rushmore to JSA re: “brief memorandum about your engineering work…you were an exceptionally well qualified engineer.” 
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