Andrew Smith (Glenn Falls Attorney)

John Apperson had contact with several members of the Smith family, of the Fred R. Smith & Sons Marina, in Bolton Landing. Apperson’s interests in rip-rapping the shores of islands and in trying to bring Tongue Mountain properties under state ownership, brought him into dealings with Harry Smith, who had become a state sanitary inspector, with Fred Smith, who helped him purchase canoes and motor boats, and with Andrew L. Smith, a lawyer, who represented him in legal disputes concerning lots on Tongue Mountain, as well as property on the eastern shore of Lake George, owned by the Knapp family. Apperson needed help finding records from the courthouse ( to know about ownership and sales of property on Tongue Mountain, Barber Mountain (Huddle Bay), and of the Knapp property on the East side of the Narrows. In one instance, Apperson offered to purchase a lot in Northwest Bay, to hold it until the state could find the money to take it over from him, but the state mishandled the arrangement. So, Apperson had to get help from Andrew Smith to document the negotiations, between lawyers (Morehouse) and other state officials, stretching over several years, and eventually resulting in Apperson receiving a refund, plus his costs. The story has yet to be told of how Robert Moses, the Land Board, and the Conservation Commission began taking over private property through “eminent domain,” and Apperson’s battles with them over the Ford and Robinson Tract, a.k.a. the Merrill Tract, in Northwest Bay, was at the center of that conflict. 

  • February 12, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith re: Lot. 11 Ford and Robinson Tract
  • February 14, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith re: letters from Pettis and Morehouse
  • February 19, 1929 – Andrew Smith to JSA re: Lot 11, Mr. Morehouse
  • February 28, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith re: Barber Mountain
  • March 9, 1929 – Chester Dagles to Hilda Loines re: have asked Andrew Smith to file a claim
  • March 11, 1929 – JSA to Fred Smith (not Andrew) mentions asking Andrew to apply for an injunction
  • March 13, 1929 – JSA to Hilda Loines re: Lot 11: “I put the case in Andrew Smith’s hands”
  • March 19, 1929 – JSA to James Smith (Andrew’s brother) re: talk regarding trees on islands
  • March 20, 1929 – JSA to Hilda Loines re; filling station on Sabbath Day Point; talked with Andrew Smith about Chester Dagle’s title to the Merrill land.
  • March 21, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA re: “can you not get ahold of Morehouse and Andrew Smith? …get owners to agree about the lands?
  • June 4, 1929 – JSA to County Clerk re: Tongue Mountain agreement
  • July 8, 1929 – Andrew Smith to JSA re: conveying Tongue Mountain property…
  • July 30, 1929 – JSA to Chester Dagles re: …under the impression you have turned your case over to Andrew Smith?
  • October 28, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith re: Dr. Beckers and Mr. Knapp
  • February 7, 1930 – JSA to Jim Cawley re: mentions “Smith” as a possible ally – maybe Andrew? Maybe Governor Smith?
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