Fred Saunders

  • April 2, 1930 –Fred Saunders to JSA re: “How did you come out in the fight for Lake George lands?” 
  • April 2, 1930 – JSA to Fred Saunders re: sending his articles from the New York City Women’s Club; mentions Ethel Dreier
  • April 5, 1930 – JSA to Fred Saunders re: describes bill by Senator Thomas C. Brown, Int. 1843
  • April 7, 1930 – Fred Saunders to JSA re: Lost letter from September 24th: Izaac Walton League: Professors from the College of Forestry
  • April 10, 1930 – Fred Saunders to JSA re: has written Senators Hewitt, Browne, Fearon, and Assemblyman W. W. Wemple, Jr. and the Governor; re: Bill No. 2368. (Mentions Miss Catherine Potter)
  • April 23, 1930 – JSA to Fred Saunders re: Saunders’ article in the press; preparing ourselves for a statewide educational campaign; girdling of large trees; Dean Brown “expects to see me.”
  • April 30, 1930 – Fred Saunders to JSA re: deliberate waste of trees; Garth Whipple shared his forester’s point of view: his father was Fish and Game Commissioner, “I never heard the inside story of hoe the Forestry College came to be transferred to Syracuse from Cornell.” Brown is the president of the local chapter of the Izaak Walton League; “Of course, the darn automobile has intensified the destruction; …foolish auto road up to old Whiteface.”
  • February 18, 1931 – JSA to Fred Saunders re: Baxter/Porter amendment; American Canoe Association
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