Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • December 13, 1922 – Franklin D. Roosevelt (Emmet, Marvin and Roosevelt, NYC) to JSA (Mohawk Club) re: “My dear Apperson: I have just got down to New York from the country and shall love to have a talk with you some evening when you can run down. Send me a telegram a couple of days ahead and I will write back if that particular evening is all right. Always sincerely yours, Franklin D. Roosevelt.”
  • June 24, 1925 – F. D. Roosevelt to JSA re: “I wish I could agree with you but “the Legislature has the power to require other State Departments, commissions, etc., too expend the monies in lieu of the Park Commission.” “I guess Al would have found the joker if one really existed.”
  • April 19, 1926 – FDR to JSA re: “I am interested that Mr. Knapp has sold the land on the east side of Lake George to his son.” There are “two possible ways of approaching the Knapps. I am now the head of the Taconic State Park Commission and we propose to run a parkway from Westchester through to Rensselear County to connect up with Lake George and Lake Champlain. …Before you and I die the State will have parks and parkways to be really proud of.”
  • April 27, 1926 – JSA to FDR re: “You’ll be pleased to learn that the protection of the natural beauty of the narrows at Lake George, as discussed by us on that enjoyable trip up Black Mountain, is half completed.” 
  • May 25, 1926 – JSA to FDR re: “it is now apparent that both of your suggestions about Lake George should be followed.”
  • January 31, 1929 – JSA to Governor Roosevelt (cc: Mrs. Dreier, Miss Catherine Potter, R. D. Moot, Irving Langmuir, R. R. Lewis (GE), and Ted Dreier) re: A memorandum on Conservation 
  • February 27, 1929 – 17th Annual Meeting of the New York State Forestry Association – “Governor Roosevelt has invited the association to come to the Executive Chambers where he will address us.”
  • March 9, 1929 –  ”JSA to Mrs. Roosevelt re: Conservation Commission – s. Dreier called up and said they were greatly shocked, etc. “Whiteface road problem is typical…”
  • October 31, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. Roosevelt re: situation on the Paradise bay land – long uphill fight to make the park appropriation apply to this area.
  • November 20, 1929 – G. F. Peabody to Julius Rosenwald (Rosenwald Schools) re: Health Foundation formed at Warm Springs. “I urged Franklin to try it out.”
  • July 1933 – JSA to Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt (White House) re: Name of Post office to be changed from Bolton to Beckersville, by William G. Beckers – “dominating the community to an extent not consistent with our ideas of representative government.” 
  • December 1, 1942 – JSA to President Roosevelt re: “We are deeply concerned about losing Mr. Ickes in the field of conservation.” 
  • February 5, 1963 – Union Star – Editorial by Art Newkirk – mentions FDR
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