Undated – 1924 – Proposal for a Lake George Park

  • Undated – 1924 – Proposal for the Lake George Park

Proposed Lake George Park

A Lake George Park is under consideration by the present legislature at Albany. The project provides that the State acquire the unoccupied or natural shores in the Narrows, as well as adjacent mountains, thus insuring them permanent protection. This section includes the east shore from Pilot Knob to Hulett’s Landing, the West shore from Sabbath Day Point south to Tongue Mountain Point, and the East shore of North West Bay. Of this total shore line and surrounding country less than ten percent is at present built up and occupied.

The State has spent many millions of dollars to protect the Adirondacks, the Catskills, and Palisades, but has thus far neglected to protect what we all believe to be the most famous lake scenery in America. The entire main shore is privately owned and subject to commercial exploitation which is rapidly becoming more extensive each year. The continual cutting of trees and building of structures along the shore has destroyed much of the natural beauty of this section of the Lake, and will continue to do so. The proposition to be put before the legislature is that the state shall acquire by purchase or gift all unoccupied land within the boundaries of the park. It is not the intention to take over land now occupied by private camps or homes. Such an act by the legislature will assure the permanent preservation of the shores and surrounding mountains in their present natural state, thus making this wonderful section available for public use under State regulation.

It is proposed that a bill be immediately enacted, first creating a State Park of this section of Lake George; next that a sufficient appropriation be provided in this year’s budget to acquire possession of the land at once. This work will be carried out under the supervision of the Conservation Commission.