September 9, 1930 – Ted Dreier to HE Dreier

    • September 9, 1930 – Ted Dreier to HE Dreier (Black Mountain Archives) –

    Dear father – Just a line to let you know that I sent such of Barbara’s and my securities as were in Schenectady to you yesterday at the Lock Stub, 253 36th Street, Brooklyn. I left them with the bank all sealed up to go with their regular insured mail, and insured it for $35,000. I trust that they arrive in good shape. Please let me know as soon as you hear that they have come (if you are not there yourself?), as I have become skeptical about letters that I do not put in the mailbox with my own hands! Much, much love from Theodore. Hope you got my other letter. Thanks for mailing the glasses case, tho’ it was broken by the rough handling of the postal employees.