September 9, 1929 – MacDonald/Howard to JSA

  • September 9, 1929 – MacDonald/Howard to JSA – re: Adirondack maps:

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Your letter of September 6, with regard to Adirondack map, is received.

You asked Mr. Williams for the latest Adirondack map, and he told you that it was dated 1927. This is the last edition of this map published. If you want information as to State land in a certain limited section of the Adirondacks, I will arrange to have the area on your map brought up-to-date if you will return the map to me here, although you appreciate that it would be a good deal of a job to do this for the entire Adirondack area.”

Very truly yours, Alexander MacDonald, Commissioner

By W. A. Howard, Superintendent, Lands and Forests