September 4, 1931 – Weekly News (New York City Women’s Club)

  • September 4, 1931 – Weekly News, Published by the New York League of Women Voters (Vol. X, No. 32) – excerpt –
  1. Authorizing acquisition by the State of land outside the Adirondack and Catskill Parks for reforestation; the protection and management of forests thereon and the establishment and maintenance of tree nurseries; and appropriations for these purposes of $1,000,000 the first year and smaller amounts annually over a period of eleven years. (Art. VII, Section, new Section 16). The object of this amendment is to make use of thousands of acres now worthless as form land. The property would be kept as wild forest, it would protect the water supply and add to our parks, while the sale of timber under proper forestry is expected to make a profit to the State. This is not the amendment permitting recreational facilities and roads in the forest preserve, about which there has been much debate. That will come before the voters in 1932.”