September 4, 1929 – JSA to Henry Goddard Leach

  • September 4, 1929 – JSA to Henry Goddard Leach (Ausable Club) –

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Leach:

I am back at my desk again, but my mind is full of pleasant memories of your hospitality and the many views we hold in common. Many thanks.

The Tompkins were interested and friendly, and I will try to see them both again. It occurs to me, however, that Franklin would probably prefer to discuss our problem with the two of us, or possibly Mr. Peabody as a third friend, and when I learn the date of our meeting I will try to get in touch with Mr. Peabody if this thought seems good to you.

I believe we agreed that the State should protect the soil on the precipitous slopes of the Boreas Mountains by acquiring this land and thus preventing the cutting of the trees which are now threatened; also consolidate the State’s holdings in that section by acquiring Moose Mountain and that portion of Allen Mountain belonging to the Finch Pryn Company, since otherwise a very dangerous fire hazard would be left by lumbering on the down hill side adjoining valuable state timber. I believe we also agreed that active steps should be taken to help the Keene Valley people promote outdoor winter sports, thus giving them something to do in the winter more remunerative and lasting than any lumbering operations and far more beneficial to the pubic.

You might remind Mrs. Weld that I am making an effort to reach the Boreas this weekend to secure some photographs, and if she is inclined or free to take part in such a trip I will communicate with her later. If she is engaged for that period I will go in from the south without interfering with her plans.

You will, I hope, pardon me for mentioning the above in a bread and butter letter and also pardon my lazy use of type which might be excused on the ground that you would not be able to read it if written by hand.

Please give my best regards to Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Weld and Mrs. Babcock and others I had the pleasure of meeting, and please see that I get credit for having made one good suggestion during my visit, namely, the installation of corrugated rubber on the new parking places erected along the creeks for blue heron.

Sincerely yours,