September 30, 1921 – JSA to Hilda Loines


  • September 30, 1921 – JSA to Hilda Loines (Quarter Deck) –

Dear Miss Loines:

I will endeavor to reach the “Quarter Deck” for mid-day dinner Sunday and thank you for the invitation. I will be glad to meet Miss Conger and will try to remember the paddles.

I hope you have very definite plans completed for organizing the Lake George Shore Association. The Basin Bay situation has improved but there is still great danger of the Coney Island features. The death of Mr. Coolidge may place the property I the hands of an executor, but I am not informed and you may be able to secure some information on this that would be helpful.

We appear to differ on the ethic of photographing individuals in private life without their permission. This is very objectionable to many people and I happen to be in that class.

With best regards to you and your family, I remain

Sincerely yours,