September 26, 1929 – A. F. Saunders to JSA

September 26, 1929 – A.F. Saunders to JSA –

My dear Apperson:

Your letter of September 24th is of great interest. I am with you tooth and nail in this fight for State lands on Lake George, but what can I do to help you?

I am not acquainted with any local leaders of the Democratic party except George O’Brien, former Assistant Attorney General. He is a neighbor of ours, a smart lawyer and a fine fellow but whether he would interest himself in this matter or not, I don’t know. However, I am willing to sound him out but must have more information about the proposition, as I am frank to confess that I do not just grasp the situation clearly.

As I understand it, some invisible influence is exerting itself through the Conservation Department to prevent the acquisition of this Paradise Bay region for State Park purposes.

Can you give me more details that I may be bale to properly present the situation?

Be sure and pay me a visit should you get up this way. Will be mighty glad to see you at any time.

With kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours, A. F. Saunders (Syracuse)