September 24, 1929 – Henry Leach to Frederick Stuart Green


  • September 24, 1929 – Henry Leach to Frederick Green (Albany, NY) –
  • Dear Colonel Greene:

I am writing to you as a member of the Land Board to endorse the effort which is being made to acquire Paradise Bay land for the State. Several Months ago with my friends fro the General Electric Company I had the pleasure of surveying this beautiful park region from the top of a neighboring mountain and can imagine nothing that will bring the people of New York more health and happiness. I am told that now rather than later is the accepted time for acquiring this property.

As Chairman of the Trails Committee of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve, I call you attention to the fact that south of the Mountain Reserve there are still strips of watershed property owned by lumber companies between the Reserve and the great regions acquired by the State to the south. Would it not be a happy continuation of the present conservation policy of filling in units for the State to acquire such Hudson River sources as Boreas Ponds and Elk Lake?

Sincerely yours,

Henry Goddard Leach