September 23, 1929 – JSA to Henry G. Leach

  • September 23, 1929 – JSA to Mr. Henry G. Leach –

Dear Mr. Leach:

Mr. Cross. Governor Roosevelt’s secretary, has just informed me that he does not know of any action taken by the Governor towards the acquisition of the Paradise Bay land, explaining that the Governor was very busy, etc. I want to avoid pushing too hard, but there is not a shadow of a doubt that the available funds will be tied up and the old excuse of no funds available be given unless we can get some action very quickly.

Colonel Green, a member of the Land Board, is in sympathy with this effort, in fact he states that he would rather see the Paradise Bay land bought than any other I the Adirondacks and last week tried to convince Commissioner MacDonald, but of course failed.

I write this to give you what appears to be the up to date picture of the situation and with the thought that you might be able to do something more, or suggest something that I might do.

I also write to tell you Mr. Hopkins reaction to my suggestion that the State take the Boreas Mountain country. His excuse was that many of the spruce were diseased, and should be taken out. While this is a new excuse, I advised hi that inasmuch as the State had acquired from the Santa Clara Lumber Company and other companies, land without trees, it would be possible to acquire the Boreas Mountain country less the diseased trees, although dead trees on these slopes make soil and are a benefit in that way.

I saw Mr. Hopkins again today and learned more about the proposed cutting of trees on State land for the toboggan slide near Lake Placid. The death of Louis Marshall has changed the situation somewhat. Hopkins mentioned that he had been asked to figure out the percentage of trees to be cut to the total owned by the State. I told him someone might break into a bank and only take $100, which would be a small percent of the total – but the crime would be a crime just the same, and the Conservation Commission should not entertain such flimsy excuses for breaking the law. If you happen to know the people most concerned in opposing the cutting of trees for the toboggan slide, and they care to talk with me about it, I shall be glad to get in touch with them The principle involved as you know, is very important.

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