September 23, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA

  • September 23, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA –

Dear Appy:

I am waiting for the car to be put in order and have only a pencil to write with. Mr. Hopkins showed us a copy of his letter to Mr. [Smith?] which does not leave [Bert Lamb made before?] Is it OK for Mr. Irvine to ask him for a copy or had he better know nothing about it? I told him [he probably shouldn’t] have a copy. Please tell Mr. Hopkins – My mind does not follow these intricacies of the law very easily. I only know that if this lot doesn’t belong to us the State won’t let anyone have it.

Can you find Edward’s survey of 1927? Isn’t that the one… [Rest is missing]