September 22, 1931 – Anabel Parker McCann to JSA

  • September 22, 1931 – Anabel Parker McCann (292 Stuyvesant Ave., Brooklyn) to JSA

My dear Mr. Apperson:

Replying to your letter of recent date, I would say that Dr. Cuinet of Brooklyn has talked with Mr. Rabenold and, as I understand, he is to communicate with you – or has already done so – and request that you end a thousand folders to her.

Her organization, Republican, is to have a meeting on the first Monday in October at Leverish Towers in Brooklyn at which Mr. Rabenold is scheduled to speak. I had hoped that she would secure the co-operation of Mrs. Dreier and that a large meeting for the evening could be arranged. This would bring together more persons and make a bigger dent.

Her idea seems o be, however, that as the time is short, she has opportunity to an only for her own group. She has been sick during the summer and is, just now, occupied with other local political matters. She has asked me to end out some publicity for the meeting to the local papers and I shall do so within a day or two.

I was interested in the correspondence with Miss Brainerd. The League makes a practice every year of digesting the proposed amendments. Miss Brainerd tells me that some of the League members are heartily in favor of the Hewitt amendment and others heartily against. The League, officially, does not take sides unless in the case of some legislation it has campaigned for, but its idea is to give accurate information on proposed measures.

Sincerely yours,

Anabel Parker McCann