September 22, 1925 – Jim Cawley to JSA


  • September 22, 1925 – Jim Cawley to JSA –

Dear Apperson:

The battle is under way, I have gained a partial victory by definitively arranging to hold our Executive Committee meeting at Lake George and take advantage of your kindness to us to use the facilities of your cabin and woods for that purpose.

However, the whole Executive Committee at that meeting are going to vote on whether or not next year’s meet shall be held at Lake George, and I am encountering the same kind of opposition that you have encountered in trying to do these things that people ought to have done instead of what they think ought to be done. Therefore, if you will let me know the result of your talk with the men at the Advisory Committee Meeting regarding what the State will offer us, so that I can use that to assemble with my other material for the biggest selling job I have ever had, I would appreciate it.

Chances are I will get to Schenectady again before that meeting. In case we don’t we plan to leave Friday some time and should be passing through Schenectady in the afternoon or early evening and will see you. Therefore, if you can write to me in the meantime anything definite regarding what the State will give us and the cost, and anything that I can use as positive proof for these “dumb Dora’s,” I would certainly appreciate your help. You can certainly rest assured that if I fail to bring the Association to Lake George this time there will never be another attempt made by yours truly to do this thankless job. In spite of the fact that I am a salesman, there are times when I know I am licked, and that will be one of them. However, I am lining up my forces in the form of votes, and after all, it’s going to simply be a question of politics and procedure, either the other fellow is a better politician than I am or he isn’t.

With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

James S. Cawley