September 20, 1931 – Group petition to Arthur Brandt (Comm. of highways)


  • September 20, 1931 – petition to Mr. Arthur W. Brandt (Commissioner of Highways, Albany) from:

Durand Mersereau

Dorothy R. Mersereau

Frank S. Bennett

  1. Kilgore Christie

Edith Clarke

James W. Dodge

Katharine B. Blodgett

In view of the difficulties already experienced by your Department, and our desire for a better road from Lake George to Bolton Landing, we hesitate to appeal to you for any change in the proposed highway bordering our properties. However, we have found by impartial and careful consideration of the facts that it is not necessary to destroy many of the large trees that now beautify the highway, in several places, in order to straighten the road and make it reasonably safe.

We, therefore, most earnestly appeal to you for a review of the route, beginning at mark 420 or thereabouts north to mark 445. We do not question the judgment of your surveyor, but from a study made by other engineers with possibly more information of individual land values affected by any condemnation proceedings that may be required, we urge that more of the west side be used, which is relatively free of trees, consisting largely of sand and gravel at or near road surface elevation.

The saving both to the state and county can be accomplished in addition to saving a number of very magnificent tress which now beautify the highway.

Very truly yours,

(See names above)