September 2, 1926 – Commodore Hatch to JSA


  • September 2, 1926 – Carl T. Hatch (Baltimore) to JSA (Mohawk Club)

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Many thanks for the photo prints. I am very glad to have them, they are the first to arrive. Sorry the Commodore was in mufti.

I sent you a letter to the Edison Club, have not yet received any of my outfit sent back from the lake and forgot I should have sent my letter to the Mohawk Club. I trust you will receive the letter and pardon my error. You can consider the letter the official notice of your election as an honorary member. Maybe Sam will send you a line later.

We certainly did have a grand time, and I believe it will bring the results we all hoped. Again thanks for your help.


Carl T. Hatch