September 19, 1958 – Edward N. Munns (TNC) to Art Newkirk (Dome Island Comm)

  • September 19, 1958 – Edward N. Munns (Executive Director – Nature Conservancy – Washington, DC) to Arthur E. Newkirk (2476 Hilltop Road, Schenectady, NY)

Dear Mr. Newkirk:

I have your letter of September 7 recounting some of the activities on Dome Island. I am glad to know of the success attained in your erosion control efforts. From personal experience, I know the glow of self-satisfaction that comes from successful operations of this kind. The fact that nature herself is gradually helping you reclaim the area, is also good news.

A check for $53.50 to reimburse you for the signs and pump will be forwarded.

You have asked about the Dome Island endowment funds. The total in the fund now is $20,070. The balance in the maintenance fund as of June 30 was $637.02. Against this is the bill of $53.50, leaving a balance as now, of $583.52.

The net income for 1958 calendar year will be about $500; for 1959 will be about $600 because of the increase in endowment through Mr. Edison. The money comes to Nature Conservancy as of the end of June and December, from 10 to 25 days late.

You have asked as the handling of disbursements. We have no objection to continuing the present practice of making disbursements for you, and paying such bills for you as you might wish. Merely as a “service fee” which you may desire to approve, we could charge you $10 a year. This merely recognizes the charge and does not necessarily represent the cost. Should the job become onerous, the matter can be straightened out later.


Edward N. Munns

Executive Director