September 19, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. Roosevelt


  • September 19, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. Roosevelt –

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

It was fine of you to put me in touch with Franklin when he is so busy, but the available funds for purchasing Paradise Bay land were disappearing and I am sure Franklin would feel as much disappointed as I would to lose the opportunity of preserving the wild beauty of this spot and making it available to the public. He certainly is putting up a magnificent fight for the people. Won’t you please advise me if you know of anything that I might do that would be helpful to him?

I am expecting the Leach’s to pay me a visit at Lake George in the near future and since you are friends of theirs it would be most delightful to have you come also. We have so many cars and boats now that it will not require much time and will give me a great deal of pleasure to show you some of the things that have happened since you were there last.

With best wishes to yourself and Franklin,

Sincerely yours,