September 16, 1930 – JSA to Irving Langmuir

  • September 16, 1930 – JSA to Dr. Langmuir –

“Memorandum of convenience of Dr. Langmuir, pertaining to conveyance being made today of deed to William Hill’s garage property.

Mr. Hill was under the impression that he had bought from Mrs. Nettie Gates, 110 feet on the road, and 210 feet deep, and his copy of the deed showed these dimensions. The deed as recorded, however, was 100 feet on the road and 210 feet deep.

A quit claim deed was prepared by Mr. Hollister for Mrs. Gates to sign to quit her claim to the 10 feet in favor of Mr. Hill, but after some unpleasant negotiations Mr. Hill was unable to get quit claim deed signed, and made a reduction in the price of $300 with the understanding that if he should at some time in the future succeed in getting this 10 feet, $300 will be returned to him in lieu thereof.

This is a verbal understanding, and Mr. Hollister says [it] cannot be conveniently be made a part of the deed conveying the land, and I am, therefore, attaching my check for $300 since the mortgage referred to in the deed was $1500. Check for $2,000 was given Mr. Hill sometime in the spring, making the net cost of the property $3,200 plus the fee that has not yet been paid to Mr. Hollister for his services. The above amount does not cover any incidental expenses or insurance.

  1. S. Apperson