September 15, 1927 – Hilda Loines to JSA

  • September 15, 1927 – Hilda Loines to JSA

Dear Appy,

Thanks for asking Mr. Hopkins to help. Mr. Irving writes (Sept. 12th) that he has completed the summons and complaint and has sent them on to Bolton to be served on Mrs. Lamb. I haven’t seen the Bixby’s yet but heard some or all of them have left. I could say many things in favor of State ownership on Tongue, but you can hardly expect me to be an enthusiastic supporter or upholder of a policy of the Department of Conservation which I believe was neither just nor fair in our own case, nor necessarily in general principle. Even if I think that Mr. Hopkins is a very fine representative, and honest and conscientious in all his doings, naturally he has to support his Department’s policy, which may be the best for general use.

I do appreciate all your kindness to us, however, and can think of many things to their credit… to tell Mr. Bixby as reasons for cooperating with the CD to preserve the lakeshore.