September 10, 1929 – JSA to William Howard

September 10. 1929 – JSA to William Howard –

Dear Mr. Howard:

I wish to avail myself of your offer to mark certain limited areas acquired by the State since the map recently sent me was made.

I also want to assure you of my appreciation of the effort made by your secretary in sending me these maps., dated 1927.

I am particularly interested in the present State’s ownership of land in the Elk Lake basin and the Boreas Mountains, including the Boreas River. I have made several trips to this section recently and understand that while the State owns most of Mt. Allen they do not own to the foot and there is at least a tentative lumbering operation pending that might leave a bad fire sash on the down hill side or just below the State owned timber. I am mentioning these details primarily to assist the one marking the map to give me a more detailed idea of that section.

Since it will not require much time to do this marking, I am enclosing the Mt. Marcy U. S. G.S. map which is on a larger scale and I would like to have indicated on that the State’s line on Allen, Nipple Top and Dix, and I am also enclosing Section No. 2 of the State’s ownership map for similar marking.


Cordially yours,