September 1, 1929 – Mary Loines to Mr. Nixdorff

  • September 1, 1929 – Mary Loines to Mr. Nixdorff –

Dear Mr. Nixdorff:

We have had a great deal of trouble with campers on the “Nixdorrf lot” and this year we have been obliged to fence off the adjoining property and I have extended it over the “Nixdorff lot.” The fence we have just put over the line across the old rad as we could not get through the rock. I told Mr. Apperson we could do anything you like. If you could write me a letter which I could show to John referring to my letter both as to the date as I should have written before this to say you are glad to hear he has put up a fence and that if he will give Mrs. Loines a memo of labor and expense you will settle it with her, which means that you do nothing about it. Also, say that it does not make any difference about the line as long as we both know where it is. It is important that you should still be considered the owner.

Yours very truly,

Mary H. Loines