1908 – July 30 – Organizational Chart of P. & M. ENG. Dept.

General Topic – Organization


M. W. Day (Asst. Eng.) E. F. Dutton
E. W. Robinson
C. F. Thompson
R. E. Holmes
govt. requisitions, propositions,
on Battle Ship equipment. Design
of D. C. Motors & Blowers
A. A. Tirrill H. A. Leycock
O. C. Roff
Regulator Propositions and
V. E. Goodwin E. E. F. Creighton
T. A. Worcester
D. S. Carpenter
F. W. Peek
F. T. Forster
Protective Apparatus,
Propositions and
D. DuBois R. H. Marvin
F. R. Shavor
Experimental High Tension
Laboratory Work
C. W. Larson E. Price
V. A. Wolcott
R. V. Devlin
Mining Locomotives,
Cranes, etc. Hoists below
below 200 HP
H. B. Emerson E. W. Pilgrim
C. C. Batchelder
W. L. Merrill
H. W. Rogers
All Industrial Applications
except Steel Mill Work
K. A. Pauly G. A. Maier
H. L. Huff
M. A. Whiting
All Steel Mill Propositions,
Induction Motor Propositions,
Mining Propositions, and Hoists
Above 200 HP.
G. H. Reid O. Erisman
A. L. Jones
B. F. Bilsland
R. E. Argersinger
R. E. Strickland
G. T. Fielding
C. M. Hackett
C. P. Turner
All Proposition Work except
on Apparatus handled by
Messrs. Day, Tirrill, Goodwin,
Larson, Emerson, and Pauly
J. S. Apperson C. Tsukomoto
C.M. Hackett
C. F. Turner
All Requisition Work except
Apparatus handled by Messrs.
Day, Tirrill, Larson, Goodwin
And Emerson
F. B. Crosby Complaints
H. W. Franklin Writing
R. Fleming J. A. Seede Electric Furnaces
D. B. Rushmore
D. H. Deyoe
July 30, 1908