October 9, 1931 – Rabenold to JSA

  • October 9, 1931 – Rabenold to JSA

My dear Apperson:

Thanks for your further attention.

There seems to be considerable interest in the “debate” set for Monday the 19th before the Women’s City Club, but a flurry has arisen because of the fact that with the printed announcement of the meeting was enclosed t every member a copy of your tree-cutting folder.

It seems that Mrs. Morgenthau as a member of the club received one of these folders, immediately notified her husband and he forthwith telephoned the club from Albany, stating that under the circumstances he could not possibly permit his Chief of the Division of Forests, Mr. Howard, to appear before an organization that showed such prejudice. The matter came before the Executive Committee of the Women’s City Club and Mrs. Dreier had to stand up alone to defend the action, pointing out that the club had twice taken an official position in the matter against the amendment. The upshot apparently is that the official attitude of the club remains the same and if Mr. Howard does not appear there will be a substitute. Mrs. Dreier discussed this with me at some length and I suggested Dean Baker, Augustus S. Houghton and Judge Ordway. She thought the might like Raymond Torrey and I gave them his address and telephone number.

At the invitation of Mr. Dapping, communicated to him by Dean Baker, I am going to Syracuse Friday afternoon of next week to attend a dinner being given at the Hotel Onondaga at 6:30 o’clock to the New York State Reforestation Commission, at which there is to be a discussion of the Hewitt Amendment.

The New York Times comments editorially this morning upon the 1930 report of our New York City Board of Water Supply just published. I am securing a copy to have the benefit of the most recent figures bearing upon the questions of cost and the extent of the new water shed in the Catskills.

Very sincerely,

Ellwood Rabenold