October 8, 1931 – JSA to Rabenold

  • October 8, 1931 – JSA to Rabenold –

My dear Mr. Rabenold:

I was greatly pleased to read your letter of the 6th with newspaper account of your successful debate on the tree-cutting amendment. I trust that you will find time to present this subject to several other audiences before November 3rd. It would be particularly pleasing if your next address were broadcast.

You will note from the attached that your fame has gone abroad, and if by any chance you can help Mr. Edwards formulate his speech it would no doubt be very helpful in up-state situations, since he is rather prominent and I understand was at one time President of the New York State Izaak Walton League.

It might interest you to know that so far 35,000 of the pamphlets “Tree-Cutting with your Money” have been distributed and 10,000 more are being printed. I have also completed an answer to the questions and answers appearing in the state “Reforestation Pamphlet” and will forward a copy to you possibly tonight for such attention as you may care to give it.

Sincerely yours,