October 30, 1931 – Belle Moskovitz to JSA

  • October 30, 1931 – Belle Moskowitz to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson:

We are hard at it and the Governor will be speaking Friday night over station WMCA, which I fear does not have a State-wide hook-up. Perhaps some other stations would be persuaded to pick it up.

Mr. Moot has sent me the editorial from the Buffalo Evening News. The New York Telegram came out against it yesterday.

The Governor will speak again Saturday at Carnegie Hall on the amendments and will be on the air over WOR at 9:30. I shall endeavor to have his speech on Friday night taken stenographically.

This week’s League of Women’s Voters’ bulletin has Mrs. Dreier’s statement in it. I have not much hope, but still we have made a good fight. If we lose we go down with our banners flying.

The question of State-wide hook-up is really difficult. I tried to get WOR to take it, but they say they have so much political speaking; they consider themselves a New Jersey station anyway and have a hot campaign on there that they cannot do any more. NBC will not get excited unless one pays for it, the same being true of the Columbia.

At any rate we shall wish and pray.

Sincerely yours,


(Mrs. Henry Moskowitz)