October 3, 1929 – Raymond (?) to JSA

October 3, 1929 – Raymond ? (Cambridge, Mass) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

You have concluded undoubtedly that the bridegroom have fled the country. Not so, though I feel I should have written sooner.

I hope you received my note on your door, and found the blankets, oars, and boat O.K. Not a soul was in evidence Labor Day when we left, but since I’ve not heard that the stuff went astray I’ve not worried.

I did want to see you to thank you for the hospitality of the “temple.” We enjoyed every minute of it. It is a very neat little place. I tried to leave it as good as I found it. How did the dock appear? I have a few blisters on my hands to remind me of some playful hours spent on it.

Now that the foliage is turning the Lake must be great. We left Labor Day – spending a day at my wife’s home, and 3 hard days down here getting settled. Between a new job and house-making I’ve been at it from 7a.m. – 11 P.M. every day since and haven’t ever had time to write home. You are probably saying to yourself, “Well, he would get married in spite of me.” The Mrs. is very proud of the night she spent on Tongue Mountain, even if she was all in at the time. And she is disappointed not to have seen you again. We [?] down Labor Day and the day before, but I judge you were away.

The honey-moon at the Temple was a pleasant one You may use my name as a testimonial. Please accept our thanks again and best regards,