October 29-30 – Talk by J. B. Wiesel

  • October 29-30, 1941 – Talk by J. B. Wiesel – Chicago

From talk : Cellulose Ester and Other Cellulose by J. B. Wiesel

Presented before the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association, Inc., Drake Hotel, Chicago, Ill., October 29-30, 1941.

Previous to the war, 1.500,000 tons of wood pulp were supplied this country from Scandinavia. In addition, 150,000 tons per year went to South America from Scandinavia. All of this deficiency is at resent being supplied by Canada and the United States. All industries using wood pulp are operating at forced capacity to supply. Great Britain use to import 1,000,000 tons fro Scandinavia, which not has to be supplied from Canada and the United States. The availability of wood pulp, therefore, is somewhat serious. Government demand for smokeless powder from wood pulp is a new and increasing use, running 100 tons per day, increasing to 350 tons per day by July, 1942.