October 29, 1931 – R. D. Moot to Mrs. Moskovitz

  • October 29, 1931 – R. D. Moot to Mrs. Moskowitz-

Dear Mrs. Moskowitz:

The enclosed editorial appeared in the Buffalo Evening News, a leading Republican paper, in the edition of October 27th.

The reports I get from western New York indicate that opposition to the amendment is developing rapidly. Governor Smith’s opposition to the amendment has done more than anything we could do to reach people over the radio and through newspaper comment to warn them of the danger, and I hope he can go on the air once more before election to finish the job. The independent Republicans of the State joined with the Democrats many times to elect him to office and they repeatedly called upon him while he was governor to protect State parks and conservation from attacks made through the legislature. He can do more than anyone else in the present emergency and I think he owes it to his many friends in both parties and to the people of the State to continue saying what he can to defeat amendment #3.

If the amendment is defeated, Governor Roosevelt’s support of the Republican organization will soon be forgotten, but if the amendment is adopted I doubt whether he can ever live it down, for in that case the amendment and the practices which will result from it will continue to be a burning issue.

Very truly yours,

  1. D. Moot
  2. c. JSApperson