October 29, 1929 – JSA to A. C. Langmuir


  • October 29, 1929 – JSA to A. C. Langmuir –

Dear Mr. Langmuir:

Irving has again expressed to me the belief that you might care to help me at this critical stage of our effort to get the Paradise Bay land protected by the state. The limiting feature at present if the grave possibility of the only park funds available for this purpose being approved for other purchases at the next meeting of the Land Board, which I am informed today might take place any time during the next few days.

The Land Board consists of Hamilton Ward, Attorney General, Colonel Stuart Green, Head of the Public Works Department, and the Secretary of State, Edward J. Flynn.

The meeting has to be called by the secretary. He is usually found at his New York address – 529 Courtland Avenue, New York, and if he understood that it is likely to embarrass the Democratic administration if the land is not bought with this money after all the effort made to secure the appropriation on the part of four national organizations and nine state organization, I have the impression that he will at least delay the meeting of the Land Board until the matter can be fully understood.

You may have difficulty in making an appointment with him on the eves of this election, but you could probably drop in and see him unannounced.

It would certainly be a tremendous help just at this time if we could delay action and do something to bring about a better understanding of the situation.

Conservation Commissioner MacDonald is exerting every effort to have the fund spent in the Adirondacks. It might be well for you to know that virtually none of the funds of the present park bond issue have been spent [second page missing]