October 27, 1936 – JSA to J. W. Van de Water

October 27, 1936 – JSA to J. W. Van de Water (Hastings on Hudson) –

Dear Jack:

I suggest that you discuss the attached with your New York group and if they agree and a reasonable number of them will attend the proposed meeting, that you send this letter or a modification of it out as quickly as possible and to as many of the people attending the December 5th meeting as may be convenient.

It seems to me to be of considerable importance just at this time to draw a distinction between the two groups without offending any one if possible. It is quite apparent here that we can safeguard our future relations if we begin with this distinction clearly in mind and do so without being too strict about it.

You will note from the enclosed circular letter sent out by Mr. Hicks that he is soliciting all mankind and, of course, we are pleased with having all groups and all peoples participate in this sport which we worked so hard to promote for so many years, and would gladly back up anyone who would carry on in such a manner as to ensure some success, but the long delay in getting people out in the winter has, in my opinion, been due to several things, among others the role of the Adirondack Mountain Club through Hicks. Therefore, we feel that some other and better leadership should replace this one.

I am sorry you are so pressed for time like all the rest of us, which means that we must find someone else as soon as we can to take over the active work that is needed, but I hope you will manage to hold on until we make the change.

Sincerely yours,