October 26, 1924 – Lucy A. Giese to JSA (Dome Island)

  • October 26, 1924 – Lucy A. S. Giese (Mrs. H.) to JSA

My dear Mr. Apperson:

This glorious Sunday brings to my mind Last Sunday when you were so graciously kind to Mr. Giese and myself. All day we have wished we were back at our lovely lake and we have vowed never again to forsake her. Mr. Giese and I have hardly talked of anything else, and many things you said have been recalled and reported to him.

I feel strongly about the State owning Dome; it should never pass into private hands again. I do not wish you to think I have the exaggerated idea of its money value as I told you some one here had, only I feel I must get as good a price as I may for it. I will keep it till such time as I have a fair offer from the state.

We are also thinking of our beloved Recluse and have about concluded the very ordinary buildings these are impossible and it is foolish to remodel, we had much better build a simple house. Would you be so kind as to give me information about the chemical closets you spoke of? Can you tell me if the dwellers on Clay Island have electricity?

I was carried away with Mr. Hall’s launch. Could you tell me where one such could be obtained. His had especially beautiful lines.

All winter I shall carry the memory of the happy afternoon you gave me, for which I am indeed grateful.

Very sincerely,

Lucy A. S. Giese