October 23, 1936 – Article – Knickerbocker Press

  • October 23, 1936 – Knickerbocker Press –

Skiers to Meet in Albany Dec. 5 –

A statewide conference on skiing to take place in Albany Dec. 5, was called yesterday by the State Committee on Skiing of the Adirondack Mountain Club. This gathering of winter sportsmen, the most comprehensive ever projected in New York State, was determined upon because of the phenomenal growth in skiing interest during the last two years. Representatives from every organization interested in encouraging the development of winter sport within the state, as well as from every county and community within the snow zone, have been invited to attend. More than 300 are expected. The keynote of the conference will be that of mutual assistance. No formal program is to be drawn up. Rather, ideas and experiences will be exchanged in a glorified series of round-table discussions.

Meetings are to take place in the State Office Building. State, county and city park officials interested I earning the requirements for ski centers and trail developments will sit down with representatives from communities and organizations which already have worked out their programs. Snow&rain cities will swap ideas with cities and villages which aspire to that status. Experts in ski-trail design will furnish their data to recreation groups anxious to expand their facilities. The Conservation Department, which governs the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Reserves, will be represented. Commissioner Lithgow Osborne has been invited to make one of the principle speeches. H.W. Hicks of Lake Placid is chairman of the State Committee on Skiing. Its 18 other members include representatives from the principal organized bodies on New York winter sportsmen.