October 23, 1929 – William Green (AFL) to JSA

  • October 23, 1929 – William Green President of the American Federation of Labor, Washington, DC to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I have read with very keen interest your letter of October 19th which I find awaiting me upon my return to headquarters this morning.

The New York State Federation of Labor speaks for and represents organized labor of the State of New York. The officers are:

  • John Sullivan, President

412 Bible house

New York City

  • M. O’Hanlon, Secretary

25 South Hawk Street

Albany, N.Y.

I am sure you will find that they will be very glad to cooperate with all groups and organizations in New York State in efforts to create a public park and preserve the wild beauty of Lake George.

In the meantime, pending your communication direct with President Sullivan I am sending him a copy of your letter to me with carbon copy of my reply.

I retain the most pleasurable memories of Lake George and the beautiful scenery adjacent thereto. I look forward with pleasure to further visits to that locality.

Very truly yours,

William Green, President

American Federation of Labor